Skilled Jobs Go Begging, Manufacturers Say

By Jackie Majerus
Bristol Press

BRISTOL — One of Connecticut’s selling points to potential manufacturers is its highly skilled work force, but a statewide manufacturing advocate is worried that jobs are going unfilled.

Frank Johnson, executive director of the Manufacturing Alliance of Connecticut, said that despite the high unemployment rate, some MAC members can’t find workers.

“We have companies that are going begging looking for employees,” Johnson said.

MAC, which represents manufacturers throughout the state, isn’t an employment service, Johnson said, but does try …continue reading


One Comment to “Skilled Jobs Go Begging, Manufacturers Say”

  1. This is absolutely true, I work for a manufacturer in Wallingford and it is very hard to find skilled machinist. For the past 20 years, young people have lost interest in blue collar jobs, but today’s manufacturing jobs are very high tech and factories are clean and efficient. I remember when Wolcott High School used to teach tech courses including machining. At Connecticut Plastics, Inc., we pay very good salaries and the work is never boring. We supply custom made machined plastic components to the medical device industry and we are very busy.

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