Tornado Watch Issued for Area

A tornado is inevitable to hit Connecticut this summer.

For today, the humidity is building to a point where heavy rain is expected. A strong cold front is moving in from the west and is expected in our area between now and 5:00 pm. A tornado watch has been issues for central Connecticut. A watch means that atmospheric conditions are ripe for tornadoes to emerge. Hail and straight line winds can also be present. A warning means that a tornado signature on radar has been observed or a spotter on the ground witnesses a funnel cloud form.

As of 3:30 pm, tornado warnings have already been declared for the Northampton Massachusetts and Berlin, Maine areas.

With a record tornado season thus far in the deep south and Missouri, Connecticut residents should be reminded that our state is not immune to the most severe weather on the planet. Historical data shows that Connecticut has had 90 tornadoes in the past sixty years – and average of 1.5 per year. Last year the state had six tornadoes, including one in downtown Bridgeport and another through downtown Bristol. A cluster of storms moved through Torrington, Terryville, Plymouth as well last year. Wolcott last experienced a tornado early on the morning of July 5, 1996 causing damage on Spindle Hill Rd, Beach Rd, and Spring Streets. For Connecticut, Wolcott and Waterbury are in the state’s ‘tornado alley’ which is primarily stretches across central Connecticut from Torrington to New Haven and Danbury to Glastonbury.

More on tornadoes:


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