Glen Beck Dropped from Local Radio

By Laurie Rich Salerno,
Meriden Patch

Listeners used to tuning in to conservative commentator Glenn Beck’s talk show weekday mornings on Waterbury’s WWCO 1240 AM and Meriden’s WMMW 1470 AM will have to head somewhere else starting April 4 for their Fox newscaster fix.

The conservative station, owned by Buckley Radio out of Bloomfield, will be replacing Beck’s nationally syndicated news show with a lifestyle program by local host Mary Jones. Jones, of New Britain, is familiar with the 9 a.m. to noon time slot – she was actually ousted from it by Beck’s show in October 2008.

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4 Comments to “Glen Beck Dropped from Local Radio”

  1. Too bad they dropped Glen Beck, I am sure that he brought in many listeners.

  2. hey chris… in this case the link in the email sent me directly to patch. I had to hit “add a comment” to get to your site.

  3. The owner of Buckley Radio, Rick Buckley says that ratings hadn’t gone up at all. I don’t know if that means they were already high or not. He says that Beck simply wasn’t consistent:

    “Some of his direction has changed over the last year and a half. In the last six months or so, he has tended to be more and more taking a religious point of view … It didn’t do well here in the east,” Buckley said.

    More on Buckley’s thoughts on the decison:

  4. I am glad that Glen Beck is gone. He uses inflammatory statements, and skews the facts to promote his own views. His job is simply to get people riled up while he gets rich. He is polarizing and to ideological for me. I think people are tired of it, and many of them, including me, have complained to his advertising sponsors that he is to vitriolic. With the sponsors leaving his Fox and radio shows as fast as their feet can take them, it was only a matter of time. Fill the space with more reasonable commentators or real journalists, who have respect for the facts. Please

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