Pizza Battle Beckons Police, Firefighters

Coney Island has an annual hot dog eating contest. Dallas has a wing eating contest. Chicago has a rib contest and Adam Richman regularly takes on the country’s biggest food challenges on the Travel Network’s Man vs. Food. But nothing will compare to Saturday’s grudge match between Wolcott’s police and firefighters. Over pizza. One Big Pizza.

The Goliath – a 28 inch crust covered with golden melted cheese, tomato sauce sprinkled with sausage and pepperoni will be center stage for the grudge match. “Oh its big,” says creator Bill Antucci at 5 Guys Flippin Pies on Wolcott Rd. “It takes up a whole oven”. Eating the 10 pounds of crunchy italian delicacy won’t be easy. But the event promises to be fun to watch. Two police officers and two firefighters will square off to see who – or if – either team can finish the pie first. While some of the more famous competitions include thousand dollar prizes, Miss Wolcott’s Outstanding Teen, Taylor Way is ensuring that proceeds from this event benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. With 10% of the day’s sales going towards the organization, the fundraiser will be worth it.

So who’s ready to eat?

The police department has lined up Sgt. Pat Malloy and Ofc. Chris Charrette. Both are in good athletic shape, but will they be able to finish off the fire department? So far the fire department hasn’t decided upon who will represent their eating team. No doubt the cooks behind the departments’ annual roast beef and ziti dinners will be ready though. Each team will have one hour to eat their share of Wolcott’s popular italian dish.

The public is welcome to attend. The teams square off Saturday beginning at 2:30 at 5 Guys Flippin’ Pies on Wolcott Rd. 10% of all sandwiches, pizza and other orders will go towards the Make A Wish Foundation.

Of course, not everything about making a giant sized pizza is fun and easy. “I’m still looking for a box to fit it in,” says Attucci. That’s ok. The pizza will be gone Saturday.


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