Malloy, Sampson, Markley Hold Public Meetings

Gov. Malloy will be back to the Wolcott area with another Town Hall meeting tonight in Bristol at City Hall on 111 North Main St. Anyone is welcome, although if you want to ask a question try to arrive as early as possible. People asking questions in Waterbury were in line at 6:30 though some almost got shut out when they closed the doors due to so many in attendance. Hopefully Bristol will have more room.

State Sen. Joe Markley and State Rep. Robert Sampson will hold a public meeting at the Southington Town Hall on Wednesday, March 16th from 6:30 – 8 pm. Both will be talking about the state’s budget, the deficit, and alternatives to the Governor’s plan to raise taxes. Southington Town Hall is at 75 Main St.

Some thoughts and questions to ask Malloy:

– Why raise taxes rather than cut them? Macroeconomics might suggest the opposite of his plans:
– lowering the gas tax could result in more trucks and travellers stopping in CT rather than other states, raising revenue
– Raising taxes could drive residents and businesses further outside the state, raising the bar to reach in tax revenue even higher. Fewer payers will need to make up a larger gap.
– Will Rell’s plan to have $10 M stem cell grants be continued? Or is this an obvious way to save $10 M/year? Besides, much of these grants are going towards killing human beings in the name of research
– Could the state switch to 401 (k)s as a cost saving solution?
– What would the impact be on transportation networks? Snow plowing? Bridge maintenance? How about other vital routine services? Or can he provide these same services at a lower cost?
– Will he cut commissions such as the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women, the Latino and Puerto Rican Commission and others that have large budgets?


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