Monday’s Schedule at the Capitol: Mandated Recycling at Businesses, Electric School Busses, and Drug laws

Below is the schedule for public hearings on various bills to be heard at the capitol. Any member of the public may testify in person or submit written testimony by e-mail or snail mail. Written testimony is attached to the bill reference number so that all legislators can see it before they vote both at the committee and floor level (if the bill gets that far). Click on the heading of any committee to see the complete agenda. Beneath each is a sampling of bills to be heard.

Judiciary Committee – 10:00 am, Room 2C
SB 952 – Increasing Penalty for Sale of drugs nearing Public Housing Projects
SB 953 – Non Violent Drug possession offenses
SB 1014 – Penalty for nonviolent drug offenses
SB 1015 – Medical Marijuana
SB 1098 – Sale and Possession of Synthetic Marijuana
HB 6554 – Emergency Medical Assistance for Persons Experiencing a Drug Overdose
HB 6566 compassionate Use of Marijuana

Transportation Committee – 10 am, Room 1E

HB 5941 – A bill about electric powered school buses
HB 6568 – Authorizing wide load vehicles to deviate from their routes or exceed the permitted hours of travel because of inclement weather or traffic incidents
HB 6573 – Requires signage of refuge areas for use by motor vehicles during inclement weather
HB 6578 – prohibits the state from charging a fee for electronic transactions
HB 6579 – Permits the Governor to order the closure of highways or limit specific types of vehicles for a period of time
HB 6580 – would allow motorcycles on the Wilbur Cross Pkwy

Environment Committee- 11 am Room 2D

SB 1116 – Would require Food wholesalers, Manufacturers, supermarkets and conference centers to recycle ‘organic material waste’ at a facility less than 20 miles from that facility.

All of these bills can be looked up by bill number at the top of the page at:


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