Icey Roads Prompt Street Closures

Monday Morning brought flooding worries. Monday night brought icy roads. Be careful out there.

A drive around 3 am during the heavy rains Monday morning found water flowing over parts of County Rd, as well as a field of rocks covering the southbound lanes for about 100 feet. Most of that area was cleared by rush hour. The Mad River also crested near the Sharon Rd. apartments in Waterbury. It was foggy in spots, though the wind helped blow it away quickly away from the patches though.

Monday night though has proven more hazardous. A patch of ice at Munson and Brooks Hill rd. – a flat area that normally doesn’t cause any problems for drivers – was slick. Icy water was also in front of Sandy’s Appliances. Meanwhile, firefighters and town police closed down County Rd. after a number of cars reportedly slid into each other and off the road. Longmeadow Dr. has a large swath of water just above the brook at the base of its hill, although that area doesn’t appear frozen (yet) as of 11 pm. Yet driver’s should be cautious on hills and curves just like these, because an uncontrolled slide could lead you into a tree, telephone pole or worse. Those protective snowbanks are now almost non-existent. So use caution.

Is this spring? Well, certainly garbage, christmas trees and other debris are sprouting from under our receding ice age. Sand was left behind – although likely washed away by today’s flooding.

According to local weather reporters, the next few days will be warm by day, freezing at night. Thursday will provide more heavy rain, so batten down the hatches and prepare your area for more.


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