Legislature Hearings on ObamaCare, Elections, Red Light Cameras

The legislature is accepting public comment today on a wide variety of bills ranging from implementing Obamacare in Connecticut to Red Light cameras. Below is just a sampling of the bills being discussed during public hearings in the respective committees. Any person of the public may provide testimony in person or in writing. The Transportation Committee public hearing is being broadcast live on Ch. 96 while the Obamacare hearing can be viewed online at www.Ct-N.com :

Elections and AdministrationAbsentee ballots, integrity of elections and other elections related bills

Will they solve the problems that led to the questions following the 2010 elections?

Joint Public Hearing on Sustinet
Sustinet is Connecticut’s version of Obamacare. Among the proposals are establishing a health insurance exchange, state prescription drug purchasing.

Planning and Development Committee
Bills being proposed including e-mailing municipal tax bills, how recreational land is used, tree removal.

Transportation Committee
Handicapped parking permits
Texting and Cell phones
Red Light Cameras
Obtaining blood samples in possible DUI cases
Allowing new drivers to carry siblings as passengers
Requiring Ignition locking devices in cars
Penalties on Handicapped parkin spaces
Using HOV lanes during rush hour

Testimony can be made in person today (most hearings are expected to run all day) or in writing. http://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/CGABulletin/Bulletin.asp


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