Town Ready In Case of Ice

Round one is behind us – with the heavy stuff yet to come.

The nooks and crannies of town received about 3 inches of soft snow Tuesday in what has amounted to the lowest snowfall yet this year. Pretty cool, right? Well, the temperatures will warm up overnight placing Wolcott right at the junction of a second storm consisting of a difficult forecast of rain, freezing rain and snow. Local meteorologists place Wolcott on the edge of the all-snow/mix line. Perhaps the north end of town will get the pure white, but we can’t help but remember an ice storm a few years ago that cut off some neighborhoods from the rest of town. Up to a half-inch of ice is expected. That can cause trees to bow and the potential for power lines to be damaged.

If a power outage occurs, the Town will likely open an emergency shelter at the Senior Center on Nichols Rd. The facility has a generator that can provide heat for any resident or family that may need it. It is anticipated that should power outages occur, a reverse 911 call might be made informing residents that it would be open. If you do experience a power outage, be sure to contact CL&P. If an outage occurs, you may be the first to notify them, particularly in the middle of the night when you neighbors may be asleep. Their emergency phone number is 1-800-286-2000.

As of 6 pm Tuesday, Wolcott is under a Winter Storm and Ice Storm Warning. The snow we had on Monday is only a first storm before a more dangerous storm carrying sleet and freezing rain will arrive. A half-inch of ice is possible.

Don’t Shovel Yet
If you still have snow on the ground, you might not want to plow it just yet. Packed snow gives you and your vehicle much more traction than any amount of ice. And if the ice hits the ground, it is very difficult to get rid of it off the pavement. A soft snow base will enable you to chop up the icy crust on top much easier. So while it will be almost 24 hours before storm #2 is over, be patient.

Town Ready For Storm

Town officials were busy late Monday working on cleanup from last week’s storm and preparing for today and tomorrow’s. Thus far, only a small porch has been reported to have collapsed due to the weight of the snow and ice in town, according to Mayor Tom Dunn and Acting Police Chief Ed Stevens. No other incidents have been reported, although snow may need to be cleared from town roofs as a precaution. Thus far, there have not been any problems though.

“We’ve looked at the roofs of municipal buildings, including the schools and the library. So far, so good. We’re doing the best we can to make room for the (upcoming) snow,” said Dunn. Town crews went home Monday evening to get enough rest for a long two-day storm. “We have plenty of material ready to treat the roads, the plowing equipment has been gone over and plow blades changed. We’re ready.” Dunn noted the town crews were preparing for a long two days against the upcoming snow and ice storm.

Important Numbers

911 Any life threatening emergency, 24 hours
879-1414 Wolcott Police, non emergency
1-800-286-2000 CL&P Emergency Room

Sign up for the Wolcott’s Code Red Reverse 911 System here:


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