Nothing To See Outside Today

Stay inside. Its the day after Christmas and today’s a great day to spend with the family. Read that newest Christmas book and warm by the fireplace. Heavy snows are falling on Wolcott tonight and blizzard force winds are expected overnight.

Blizzards are defined as storms with over twelve inches of snow and 35 mph winds. While winds in Wolcott have been strong thus far, they are expected to increase overnight. As winds pick up, it is possible to experience to white-out conditions and drivers and pedestrians can lose their way within seconds.

So, as we said – there’s no reason to leave home tonight. Many people attended church and stopped by the grocery stores for food supplies this morning and the snow began falling in Wolcott at around 11 am with nothing more than a slight breeze. Conditions have worsened since then.

County Rd. Dangerous
Lower County Rd. entering Southington (where you pass the golf course) is quite hazardous today particularly with snow covering an icey portion of road. At 7:30 this morning much of the downhill travel lane had ice covering the roadway, causing cars to slow down and move into the oncoming lane. This was present BEFORE the snow began to fall. It is advisable not to use this road during the storm as the icey portion will be hidden from view. It is possible to get some traction from snow covering it, but still – use alternates through Cheshire in the south end of town to prevent a potential accident.

Deep Snow Expected
While Cape Cod was expected to get the worst of the storm, it appears they will get several inches of rain overnight. The rain-snow line will cross mid-Rhode Island towards Plymouth and everything west of that line will get snow. This area originally was predicted recieve the heaviest amount however the storm will be moving more west, crossing through Connecticut near Wolcott. That means Wolcott – as usual – will recieve some of the heaviest snow in the state. 15 to 22 inches is expected as of 6 pm according to various state meteorologists.

Power Outages Possible
Because of the high winds and heavy snow, it is possible that power may go out in some areas of the state. Should this occur, be sure to have emergency supplies ready. Don’t use generators inside or in areas without proper ventilation. Have flashlights and extra blankets ready. Make sure you plow your driveway and make sure building numbers are visible as soon as practical.

How are you spending the snow day?

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