Bristol Mayor Hospitalized, Cheshire Resident Amidst Gunfire

The Mayor of Bristol, Art Ward was hospitalized after choking on a piece of steak on Saturday, December 4th. He is currently in a medically induced coma at Bristol Hospital, although recent news reports say that doctors may be attempting to wake him.

Town Councilor Ken Cockayne is the city’s acting mayor for now.
More on this news in the Bristol Press and Bristol Today blog.

Tim White of Cheshire gave up his seat as 4th District Town Councilor in Cheshire last month in order to work for a humanitarian organization in Haiti. Since arriving, he has already endured and recovered from malaria. Now, he is surrounded by gunfire following the presidential elections in the country. White is residing in the town of Jeremie, which is in the southwestern area of the country. In a conversation over Facebook, he noted hearing gunshots in town. When asked if they were celebratory, angry or something else, White reports that it was coming from supporters of losing candidates. Whether or not there were any actual casualties in his town cannot be confirmed. White has sequestered himself inside the location he is staying in. His thoughts and observations can be read at his blog: Tim White Listens.

We hope you’ll join us in holding both Mr. Ward and Mr. White in your prayers for recovery and safety.


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