Petroniro Resigns from Council

After a newspaper article noting his current lawsuit against the town appeared in the Waterbury Republican – American over the weekend, 2nd District Councilman Randy Petroniro has resigned from the Wolcott Town Council. The Town Clerk’s office confirmed receipt of his resignation letter today.

Petroniro owns Musco Fuel on Wolcott Rd. and was a key organizer of a group of candidates that ran on Row C in last year’s municipal elections. Three other candidates running on Row C also were successfully elected, although two of those ran separately from Petroniro’s coalition. Over the past year, Petroniro has applied for permits allowing his business to place additional propane tanks on his Wolcott Rd. property. Those permit applications were denied by Wolcott’s zoning boards and his business is now suing the town to have the decision overturned. That case is currently pending in Waterbury.

The Council will decide how to fill Petroniro’s seat at either tonight’s meeting or perhaps a meeting in December. The Town Attorney may provide some guidance as the current Town Charter only partially offers direction how to fill the seat. Petroniro is a registered Republican, but did not seek the endorsement of his party. Residents two weeks ago approved a new Town Charter by two hundred votes which does suggest that an unnaffiliated Councilmember – regardless of registered party affiliation – be replaced by the next highest vote getter in the most recent town election. Current practice is to fill a vacancy from the party that the member was registeed with. Because the seat must also be filled with a candidate from the 2nd voting district, Rachel Wisler would fit the criteria of next-highest vote getter. (see below)

While his term on the Council only lasted a year, Petroniro was an active member on the Council. His first decision on the Council was to return his $2,000 stipend back to the town, citing that the money would be of better use for the town’s seniors and youth.

Tonight’s meeting will be held at Town Hall at 7:30 pm and may also be viewed on Comcast Ch. 96.

Here are the voting results from the 2009 election, 2nd District:

Town Council District 2
Rachel Wisler – 1544
Harry Fitzgerald – 1043
Michael Perrone – 1573
Frances Masi – 2196

Joseph Scaglione – 1148
Randy Petroniro – 1757

winners are in bold.

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