Our Endorsements

(or at least the editor’s)
Question #1 (School land Purchase): Yes – a sound investment and much needed investment into Frisbie School. Thankyou to the Town Council, Mayor and Finance officer who watch the books who have made this affordable.

Question #2 (Charter Revision): No – While it provides for replacing an unnafiliated elected official, state laws can provide for this until a more thoughtful and information sharing Revision process can be made. Otherwise, the proposed Charter has no compelling reason to change.

Question #3 (Police Commission): No – We believe in checks and balances, but the language in this proposal appears cluttered as to what complaints should be heard by the commission and which should be solely under the authority of the Police Chief. Currently, the language seems to push the Chief aside. The idea also poses whether or not politics may inject themselves into the police department. Would Commissioners ask for special treatment in a traffic stop? And who would police the commissioners? We acknowledge we’ve had problems over the last few years – big problems – but this is a knee jerk reaction with little discussion to the possible solution. A good Mayor and Town Council with active citizen input are needed to protect abuses, not another layer of government.

State Representative: Robert Sampson – We believe that Rob has the fundamental principles and beliefs in the limits of government while maintaining the fiscal responsibility that we need in State Government. His handling of a real estate firm gives business experience and insight into the state’s housing crisis. Now, at the risk of being quoted in a campaign mailer, we do appreciate Mazurek’s service as well as his openness and straight talk on issues, however his votes late this year to arbitrarily increase the Citizens Election Fund allotment to Dan Malloy by $3 million and a vote to increase the debt in our state are directly contradictory to his past statements. In the past, Mazurek had spoken very strongly against the Election Program before these votes. Sampson will be a solid choice with a friendly and thoughtful demeanor.

State Senate – Joe Markley – His organizational skills and contacts statewide have flourished into the state’s Tea Party movement. His experience as state senator and tax watchdog proves him worthy for the job. Yet, Markley hasn’t decided to wait until elected- he’s already working to reduce ou second-highest in the nation electricity tax – Markley filed suit against the state because the commission instituting yet another tax on our bills doesn’t have the authority. His opponent John Barry, calls the suit “frivolous” which makes us scratch our heads. If elected, we hope Joe can find Barry a job collecting litter along County Rd.

State Treasurer – Jeff Wright – We can’t get enough of the “Cash Cop” and his ads on YouTube. This one gives his credentials, but we also love this one, and this one. Enjoy!
But seriously, Wright is the mayor of Newington which recently proposed a limit on how high taxes can be raised by the local government in one year without voter approval. Wright is a financial analyst and vows not to use his office for social engineering like the current office holder, Denise Nappier. A few years ago, Napppier forbade any state employee from voluntarily making payroll donations to the Boy Scouts because she didn’t feel the Scouts taught her idea of morals. Meanwhile, Connecticut’s state budget is blowing away – Get The Cash Cop Down Here!

Secretary of State – Jerry Farrell – Hs is currently the head of the state’s Dept. of Consumer Protection and annually has given back millions of dollars of unspent budget to the state treasury. He also has reduced his workforce and made his department almost paperless. In his new job, Farrell wants to make the SOTS office a one stop shop for new businesses. Currently, all businesses must register with his office. But instead of just registering, he’ll take notice of what you’re trying to do. Rather than deal with the red tape, he wants to make sure that new pizza restaurants also get state liquor license applications – and contractors know where they have to register rather than bounce all over.

His opponent, Denise Nappier Merrill has been called a “microcosm of irresponsibility” by the Norwich newspaper. Her accomplishment? Giving us $3.5 Billion in debt as the Chairwoman of the legislator’s Appropriations committee. Yes, she’s the girl. Its interesting what she says about it while seeking higher office: Not much, to the surprise of this editorial board.


US Congress, Attorney General, US Senate, Governor.


3 Comments to “Our Endorsements”

  1. While I have enjoyed the Elections Coverage over the past few months, I feel the whispers endorsements are a little to much towards the right for a independent journalism site.

    2 things, first of all the parragraph about Denise Nappier is under the Secratary of the State Section, even though Incumbent Denise Nappier is running for Treasurer.

    Also Theres 2 offices that haven’t been mentioned, Comptroller, and Registrar of Voters? I would like to hear your opinions on those.

    • Anindependent-

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Time is of the essence when reporting news – obviously today’s a deadline to get as much information out to voters as we can. We definitly want the info to be informative, sometimes unique, but at the same time it needs to be correct. While you have seen some contributions from Roy Balkus, Al Giacomi and Vanessa Malena on this site, it is predominantly the work of one person, Chris O’Brien at this point. He was actually working on a new blog post to preface the ‘endorsements’ to note that this was one person’s opinion. Sometimes he tries to be neutral – too neutral for some – and other times prefers a little bias, although he hopes that the bias is noted and you can certainly argue against it. We’ll have to work that into a disclaimer.

    • Oh, and I forgot to add that most contributions are welcome. If you’d like to write (perhaps from the center-left), we’d love the experience and have you aboard. In fact, it may stimulate others to discuss more.

      Comptroller: Kevin Lembo is currently the assistant comptroller. The CT-N network (www.ct-n) videotaped a segment of him on WATR which was interestingly informative about the office. He clearly knows the job, but from a center-right perspective I’d rather not endorse him because of his views on abortion. At the time of the taping, he was running against Waterbuy Mayor Mike Jarjura who said that the office had little to do with the subject. Lembo disagreed and went into describing how the office could sustain a woman’s right to choose. It was an interesting discussion, but at the moment I can’t recall what he said. If you find the link, I’ll post it.

      Jack Orchulli is the Republican candidate and has worked in the garment industry for many years. I’ll plead ignorance in that I don’t have much info about him beyond that though.

      For Registrars of Voters, both candidates will win. Yes… that’s true. There will be a Republican and a Democrat moderator, both nominated by the Town Committee of the respective party. So, whether you voted for one or the other, it doesn’t really matter. I’m not sure why its an elected position.

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