Governor, US Senate, Atty General

Governor – Tom Foley / Mark Boughton
Foley’s business experience dealing with and re-structuring troubled businesses in the past is a perfect fit for the situation our state is in today. Foley’s business AND international experience in Iraq and Ireland will be very important in making the tough choices in complex organizations. Mark Boughton will bring municipal experience because the state’s interaction with municipalities is vital for good education efforts. The current formula isn’t working well and most town leaders will explain that. This combination team will bring stellar ideas to improve these issues. It won’t be easy – but these two men have made tough decisions and are ready for the challenge.

US Senate – Linda McMahon

There are three compelling reasons why you should support Linda McMahon, and usually these might be missed as simple campaign gimmicks.

1. She has promised and carried through not to accept special interest money. Her opponent pledged the same, but broke that promise by travelling across the continent. To this day, he still denies he received any significant money from that fundraiser. He also lied about Vietnam, the two instances proving him untrustworthy with national secrets as Senator.

To Linda’s credit she has followed through with her pledge and has proven in subtle ways what the impact of that pledge means. On more than one occasion, I have observed Ms. McMahon confronted with questions about complex issues. At times, she has delayed given an answer because she instead went to study the issue then came back with a position. Some people believe this makes her uninformed. I disagree. It shows the thoughtfulness and care she has for what the impact that issue will have on everyday people. Other politicians are more wont to choose the position of the organization or interest that donated to them without fully studying it. McMahon is different.

2. She has pledged to serve only two terms, without compensation or benefits. She says that after her second term, there should be no reason to run i she can’t effectuate change in 12 years.

3. She truly cares about people. See above. I personally asked he three questions when I first met her, and she answered each concisely and then challenged me “anything else?”. She wants to be challenged, and that impressed me. I bumped into he in a hallway two days later and she remembered me.

Attorney General – Martha Dean – she understands the federal and state constitutions, and therefore understands the boundaries of her office, unlike her opponent who vows to follow in Blumenthal’s footsteps of blocking electrical improvements, blocking energy improvements, suing anything that moves in the name of government knows better. Dean is also a strong social conservative.


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