Caligiuri for Congress


While both Chris Murphy and Sam Caligiuri have served as my state senator, the contrast between them could not be any clearer. Chris Murphy is a respectable man; however one wonders how, if ever he has used input from his frequent town hall forums in Washington. In fact, over two hundred people confronted him at a Stop & shop in Simsbury about federal bailouts earlier this year and several hundred voiced their opposition to the healthcare bill at Shepaug High School on the other side of the district. Murphy disregarded his constituents on both the healthcare bill and on bailout bills. But this isn’t new for Murphy.

Even in the state legislature, Murphy pitted dentists against doctors as chairman, accepting money from each to woo his suport over a bill that could only favor one or the other. He also sponsored a bill whose title says it would have eliminated human cloning in Connecticut – when in fact it promoted the cloning of embryos solely to be destroyed for research. Horrible in its duplicity as well as disregard for respecting at the very least that this is potential human life.

In contrast, Caligiuri has true leadership ability by knowing innately what needs to be done in the offices he has served. As soon as he became acting Mayor of Waterbury, he stopped corrupt towing contracts. In the state legislature, he was the sole voice from either party to vote against the Governor’s budget which has led to this year’s huge deficits. On a vote for the minimum wage, he broke from his party after he consulted local businesses and performed his own research to see if it would be harmful. Unlike Murphy’s 98% voting record with Nancy Pelosi, Caligiuri poves he can be an independent voice on the important issues.

He is still a strong fiscal conservative and a devout family man. In contrast to Mr. Murphy, he has acknowledged mistakes in his votes and always strives to do what is in his constituents’ interest- never paying lip service. He is truly well grounded to the needs of the hardworking families of the 5th District, and can relate to all corners of the district, from Avon to Salisbuy to Danbury and Waterbury. There should be no doubt that he has the leadership abilities we need in critical times. He will serve as an excellent Congressman.


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