Voters Should Approve Land Purchase

The Town of Wolcott has the opportunity to buy a piece of property adjacent to Frisbie Elementary School. The property (which is actually composed of two separate building lots to the right of the school and marked by signs) has been appraised at $250,000 but the current owner has offered it to the town for $200,000. Because the price tag is greater than $150,000, by Charter the question has to be put on the ballot for approval. It has and it will be Question #1 on the November ballot.

The working plan is to relocate one of the existing government departments into the building/home that exists on one of the lots (which relocation, I understand, has already been allocated-for in the budget) and to eventually pave the other lot for additional parking for the school, football field and senior center (although, even unpaved, it could be used immediately).

For those of you that have ever had to park at Frisbie for any event (or who have ever had to bring a child to school), you know that the majority of people need to park on the private property (Musano) across the street. It’s a pretty dangerous spot to cross and, quite frankly, having done it myself, I think it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured if not killed. If I recall correctly, there are only 78 spots on the property now and about 50 of those are used by faculty and staff on a daily basis. Some of the spots are also unavailable during school recess.

Look, I realize that these are tight economic times and spending $200,000 is not going to go over with some people. However, I’m also smart enough to know that buying property adjacent to town property – especially school property – is always a good idea and a sound investment… especially when it’s designed not to increase your taxes. Besides, how much will it cost when some crazy driver clips a kid or a family coming around that bend at the corner of Todd Road and Woodtick Road without slowing down during some PTO meeting or book fair?

In fact, the town recently returned a $300,000 surplus and acquired a $50,000 grant which can be used towards the purchase of the property.

In light of that, I’ve offered to donate my time on October 26 to a phone bank designed to attract attention to this issue and to solicit as many friends and supporters for the idea as I can and I’m wondering if any of you would be willing to spare a few hours on that evening to help me out in this endeavor or if you knew anybody else that might be willing to pitch-in.

If you are able to help, I can provide particulars about the where and when. If you know anybody else that might be willing to help, please let me know. Thanks.

Alan M. Giacomi, Esq. 36 Center Street, Waterbury, Connecticut 06702 (203) 757-6732 (203)574-5851 (FAX)


2 Comments to “Voters Should Approve Land Purchase”

  1. I agree completely. This is a capital purchase and will provide for future expansion. Opportunities like this are not to be passed up.

  2. ‘sounds like a good idea to me but keep in mind that there will be more costs to install access side walks/steps etc. to the school and fields.
    Perhaps this work cn be done by our town crew.

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