Candidates Come To Area

Yes…. they’re calling your house and flooding your mail box….

But your decision in just a few days will impact how Wolcott’s schools are run, roads get paved, how social benefits are derived and our foreign affairs are handled.

Indeed, the state decides how much money is allocated for road fundingsalt, education, and othe things in Wolcott. The state currently has 347 different taxes, fees and other sources of revenue. The complete list of these revenues and the amount they take in can be seen here.

Your Congressman in the 5th District and US Senator will have to deliberate foreign policy, national healthcare, federal judges as well as some fiscal impacts to state roads.

In the upcoming weekend, many of the candidates will be in the Wolcott area:

Tom Foley will have a tour of Kizle’s, the Pepper Pot and Grace’s Diner in Southington before he joins other candidates in the Waterbury Spirit parade at noon on Saturday.

The Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott will have a forum this coming Wednesday at Tyrrell school where you can individually interact with canddiates. It will not be a debate, but candiidates will have a few minutes to speak.

If you are inclined to get involved with a campaign, here are your local candidates’ websites. Whatever your poltical persuasions, volunteering in a campaign is a great way to meet new people and advocate for a cause and takin part in our democracy:

80th General Assembly
Corky Mazurek –
Rob Sampson-

16th State Senate
Joe Markley –
John Barry –

Locally, Tom Foley and Dan Malloy both have headquarters in Waterbury. Foley’s is at 3356 East Main St., and Malloy’s at 142 Bank St.

Other candidates can usually be found on their websites. Linda McMahon has an office at the bottom of exit 21 on Meadow St. and Sam Caligiuri’s office is on lower Meriden Rd. near Domino’s and Hamilton Park.


One Comment to “Candidates Come To Area”

  1. Don’t forget the Markley for State Senate headquarters, right downtown in Southington at 35 North Main Street, and open every day between now and the election. You can reach us at 860 426-8222; our website is at

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