US Senate, Governor Candidates To Debate

Is Linda McMahon qualified to be a US Senator? Can Dick Blumenthal really relate to the issues important to the average voter? Residents will have the opportunity to see both candidates debate the issues tonight at 7 Pm in their first face-to-face debate on FOX 61. The debate will be held at the Bushnell Theatre in Hartford. Tom Foley and Dan Malloy will challenge each other on Tuesday evening on the same channel.

The most recent Quinnipiac University polls have both races in a dead heat, however the same poll shows up to one third of voters have yet to become acquainted with the candidates or make up their mind. These and future debates will certainly be critical to forming first and last impressions. In recent weeks, McMahon has talked about job creation, taxes and social issues. Last month she began getting acquainted with Connecticut’s Tea Party movement, including elements in Wolcott with hosting a fundraiser for State Senate candidate Joe Markley as well as US Congressional candidate Sam Caligiuri. On Saturday she gave a fiery speech to a rally at the State Capitol.

In contrast, Mr. Blumenthal has been touting his record as an activist attorney general safeguarding residents sometimes from their own actions. In a previous debate against then-challenger Merrick Alpert, all media reports declared Alpert the winner. To many observers’ surprise, McMahon has been able to nearly eclipse Blumenthal’s popularity and this debate should be the most watched news event of the year.

On Tuesday night in the same room, former Democrat Stamford mayor Dannel Malloy will tangle with Republican businessman Tom Foley. Both have been warming up with forums last week on education and tourism with Independent Party candidate Tom Marsh. While Blumenthal had a head start in the Senate race, the Governor’s race has pitted two strong campaigns at a time when state residents recognize the dire challenges facing the next Governor. Foley is a former ambassador to Ireland and small business leader under the Iraq Provisional Authority. Malloy was a New York state prosecutor before becoming mayor of Stamford. Marsh is currently the First Selectman of Chester, but was not invited to the debate.

Ads on TV so far have disputed whether or not Malloy created a net increase in jobs in Stamford or if Foley held responsibility for the closure of a Georgia textile mill. Both have extensive proposals on their websites, however, that residents should peruse as they make up their decisions.

More media on the candidates:

The Connecticut Network:
– provides archived footage of debates, press conferences and other public appearances of candidates and state government
– television ads, public appearances and speeches

Candidate Websites:
Tom Foley –
Dan Malloy – http//
Tom Marsh –

Linda McMahon –
Richard Blumenthal –


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