Markley Event Larger Than Expected

A reception yesterday evening at the Manor Inn in Milldale featuring Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon drew over two hundred attendees, and a handful of protestors.

“I knew we would have a good event,” said Joe Markley, 16th District State Senate candidate. “The campaign has really picked up momentum these last few weeks. Still we were surprised by the turnout—two hundred guests, more than double what we’d planned for. Fortunately, the Manor Inn can handle anything!

“That crowd is a credit both to the campaign team we’ve assembled and to the excitement that Linda McMahon generates on the campaign trail. As I said when introducing her last night, I was a skeptic myself at first, but it’s impossible not to like and respect her once you get to know her.

Other candidates in attendance and supporting Markley included Mark Boughton (Lt Gov), Martha Dean (AG), Jeff Wright (Treasurer), and legislative candidates including Rusty Haigh (Southington), Rob Sampson (Wolcott), Richard Abbate (Cheshire), Len Suzio (Meriden), Kathy Brown (Prospect). Tom Scott, a long time radio host who also assisted Markley in assembling the anti-tax rally of 1991 also attended.

A story by Mark Paznoikas is available at: Video of the event has been posted on youtube by palinsmith at and


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