W-Poll: Who Would You Vote For?

If you want to register as a Republican or Democrat to vote in Tuesday’s primary, the deadline is fas approaching. Simply go to the Town Clerk’s or Registrar of Voter’s offices this week to change your affilliation. New voters are also welcome to register and can vote.

Any person 17 years of age but will turn 18 on or before November 2nd can also register and vote next week.

One of the hottest races is one between Rob Sampson and Alan Giacomi. Signs for both are all around town. Both candidates say they have been campaigning door-to-door aggressively for two months and residents are interested. So…. Now’s the time to ask. This is a non-scientific poll, but we’re curious: Who would you vote for?

(obviously Democrats and Independents can vote here, so it may not be accurate… but who knows.. maybe it will be…)

Note: This poll will be deleted on Friday evening.


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