Letter: Why Are Signs Missing?

As a tax paying citizen of Wolcott,
Also nationally renowned poet,
I’m currently upset this due to the fact that candidate Mr. Sampson,
Who was kind enough to help my elderly handicapped mother Ann Soulier;
With handing her a form to request an absentee ballot;
Needless to say when Mr. Rob Sampson proceeded to put a sign up;
The following day someone stole his sign ?
I’m in outrage that we have cruel citizens living in Wolcott who would stoop so low as to such a juvenile type situation/
Mr. Sampson has my full support regardless of the efforts made by the so called thug tactics taken to see that his sign is removed !
In effect, I hope that Mr. Sampson wins and everyone should support his efforts !
With much respect,

Mario William Vitale

note: moderation is on for this post, 8/15/10


4 Comments to “Letter: Why Are Signs Missing?”

  1. Mr. Vitale

    I can sympathize with your concerns. I, too, have had several of my lawn signs removed and three of my larger signs broken and/or torn down. I can assure you that neither Rob nor I would resort to such childish nonsense and, in fact, we have had a discussion about that very issue.

    In fact, come August 11, both Mr. Sampson and I are both Republicans and we have each assured the other that we will each support the other if the other happens to be victorious in this vigorously campaigned primary battle.

    I can only assume that the “thug tactics” that you refer to are the work of children or other misguided miscreants. They are certainly not the work of anyone associated with my campaign. That being said, and because you and I have never met, I would kindly request that you consider avoiding the kind of innuendo contained in your comment in the future. As a nationally renowned poet, I am virtually certain that you are even more sensitive than others as to the effect that casual verbal suggestion can have on the reader.

    I am also hoping that, given your strong support of Rob’s very conservative ideals (most of which, coincidentally, are shared by both of us), you will consider supporting me in the general election should I be fortunate enough to survive this civil yet hotly contested primary.

    Best wishes,

    Alan Giacomi.

  2. why is there a pile of rob sampson signs in the back of your car mr giacomi?

  3. Imagine that, will you? An anonymous blogger posting that is not only slanderous and fabricated but also juvenile, asinine and improperly punctuated to boot… Who would have guessed?

    Gee, this just totally ruins my opinion of anonymous bloggers!

    Your stupidity does a dis-service to Mr. Sampson’s efforts. Even though I firmly believe that I am the better candidate in this race, it is clear to me that he is far too intelligent a human being to associate himself with an idiot like you.

    Good luck in grammar school.

  4. Curious’ comment proves that education reform is a real issue that needs to be addressed by our government.

    I have been following Mr. Giacomi’s facebook page and campaign efforts very closely over the past several months and know that he has previously cited a need for change in our government as it relates to education. I believe that, as a father and a citizen, Mr. Giacomi is committed to fighting that battle in our government and leading the effort for significant change to Connecticut’s educational system.

    Good luck in grammar school, Curious.

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