Airwaves Fly With Campaign Ads

Whether negative advertising works or not, many candidates are attempting to contrast themselves with their opponents in the closing weeks before the Republican and Democratic primaries. (Reminder that if you want to vote in the primary, you should get yourself to the Town Hall asap! Absentee ballots are also available). In a race where the three candidates in the 5th Congressional District essentially agree on all of the major issues, Mark Greenberg has launched two separate commercials. The Gubernatorial slugfest between Mike Fedele and Tom Foley appears to have levelled the playing field into a dead heat between the candidates. And the Democrats have stepped up the heat against each other as Ned Lamont finally agrees to debate former Stamford mayor Dan Malloy and Comptroller candidate Kevin Lembo begins firing at Waterbury Mayor Mike Jarjura for being pro-life and hiring former Governor John Rowland as his economic director.

In the next week we’ll try to dissect some of the accusations. A typical tactic in such campaigns is to take a single procedural vote or some innacuracy in an opponents record, blow it up as if it means the world and destroy that opponent. In other cases, some of the accusations may be true and actually backfire and may actually help the opponent the charges are leveied against. Before we delve into the facts, what do you think of these ads? Are they influential? What do you believe or don’t believe?


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