State Candidates Come to Wolcott

The 80th District race for State Representative is in full swing as Republican candidates Rob Sampson and Alan Giacomi have hit the campaign trail. Signs are beginning to pop up along Wolcott’s roadways for these and other candidates, but the 80th General Assembly race will be the most local of all. That district includes all of Wolcott and two voting districts in Southington, representing roughly Both campaigns say they have been going door-to-door in various parts of town. As part of their campaign, both have invited townspeople to meet – and – greet styled fundraisers at both J & M Pizza and McBrides in the last two weeks. These fundraisers are styled so that those who wish to donate to a campaign can do so while others may attend to simply meet the candidates in a casual setting. Pizza and soda was served at both events.

The race has generated interest from state and congressional candidates as well. Those in attendance at Giacomi’s fundraiser were able to meet candidates for Govenor, Tom Foley; Lt. Gubernatorial Lisa Wilson Foley; and Secretary of State Jerry Farrell. Candidates for Governor Mike Fedele and Lt. Governor Mark Boughton attended Rob Sampson’s function two weeks ago. Mark Greenberg, who is running for Congress in the 5th District attended both. These candidates came to town both to meet Wolcott residents as well as the next state representative that they may be working with at the State Capitol. It was a good experience for everyone involved.

Both Giacomi and Sampson have their websites up and welcome volunteers to help with their campaigns. It can be a great learning experience to try a new skill or contribute. Both candidates highlight issues affecting the state on their websites.

Sampson highlghts the loss of jobs and his desire for a true three strikes law. He also notes that Connecticut’s gasoline tax is the 4th largest in the nation. It needs to be reduced. Sampson also notes his support for the 2nd and 10th Amendements which protect the rights of the state to pass laws not specific to the federal government.

Both candidates note the loss of jobs and Connecticut’s unfriendly business climate, but Giacomi says that Connecticut has fewer jobs now than it did 20 years ago. Sampson has a graph showing the tax burden on the state’s residents over time.

Giacomi calls for term limits, an end to unfunded mandates and calls for drug testing for people who receive unemployment benefits. On term limits he notes that legislators are eligible for state pensions if they seve 10 years in the legislature- making it an incentive for them to be re-elected for that long.

On August 10th, Wolcott and Southington Republicans will decide which of these two men will face off with Rep. John “Corky” Mazurek in November. If any unafilliated resident of either town would like to participate in the Republican primary, they can mail in a voter registration card (available from Town Hall as well as the candidates, and some Republican Town Committee members), by August 5th or in person at Wolcott Town Hall by August 9th. Any resident who is at least 18 or will be 18 before November 2nd may also vote in the primary and can register before their birthday. The deadline for switching parties to vote in s primary has already passed.

Interesting fact: In 1987 33% of Connecticut voters were unnaffiliated. Now 44% of Connecticut Residents are unnafilated- the most in over 50 years. Will the anti-Obama sentiment and Tea Party movement this year reverse that trend?


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