We Keep Looking

The search continues for Cynthia Cannon’s body as well as any other clues or evidence throughout Wolcott and Waterbury. Wolcott Police tell the Whisper that searches will begin at 9 am every morning for the foreseeable future. As it should. Wolcott is a close-knit community and when a neighbor is in trouble, we help out and do so with determination and perseverance until the job is completed.

No major developments in the case have been revealed in the last two days except that police have told other news outlets that blood was found in the back yard of the Spindle Hill home. That hasn’t detered the search, however. WFSB 3 reported that about one hundred volunteers searched this Thursday morning.

At this time its unknown where Cannon’s body might be. But we know we have plenty of territory to look over and will continue to look until she’s found. Wolcott Police have recieved a number of phone calls from residents with possible clues, and we encourage you to continue to report anything that may possibly be helpful.

Want to help? Meet at the police department at 9 am. Call ahead if it rains. Have any information? Call the police dept. at (203) 879-1414.


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