Candidates to Debate Tonight

Quinnipiac University released a new poll today showing that few voters have decided who they want to support for the next Governor for our state. While Republican Tom Foley and Democrat Ned Lamont both share similar leads around 30% of support, most 50% of Republicans and 44% of Democrats answered that they didn’t know who they wanted to vote for. Both parties hold conventions near the end of May to nominate a candidate, but even that paty endorsement may lead to a three month campaign.

What is known is that there are diferences between the 8 Republicans and 6 Democrats seeking the nomination, and Channel 30 will flush out their plans in two debates this week. Republicans will face off tonight at 7 pm. Democrats get their turn Friday evening. Be sure to tune in. Feel free to comment on the Whisper during and after the debate to discuss what issues you think are most important to talk about and if the candidats address them. Finally, we’ll be polling you on who you think won the debate.

In Wolcott, the Republican Town Committee has already had appearances from Mike Fidele and Mark Boughton.

The Republicans seeking the nomination are:

Christopher Duffey Acevedo – Financial analyst from Branford
Mark Boughton – Danbury Mayor
Larry Denardis – former US Congressman
MIke Fidele – Lt. Governor
Tom Foley – former Ambassador to Ireland
Oz Greibel – Greater Hartford development businessman
Tom Marsh – Chester First Selectman
Jeff Wright – Newington Mayor


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