Wave for Wolcott

Okay, this has gone on for far too long and someone (me) has decided to speak up!  Have you ever been in your car, come to a four way stop, and you give a little thank you wave and get ignored?  Have you ever walked into the Dunkin Donuts or Cumberland Farms and say “hi” or “good morning” to the person coming out & get ignored?  Have you ever been in your yard and a “neighborhood” walker comes by and you say “hello” and get ignored?  Have you ever been walking in your neighborhood in the morning and say “good morning” to the kids waiting for the bus and get ignored?  Well, this is not what our small town was founded on!

 Let’s all start a new trend.  I’m calling this initiative “Wave for Wolcott”!  Let’s all try to be a little friendlier to our neighbors, strangers, visitors, or whoever.  Spread the word, spread the wave.


5 Comments to “Wave for Wolcott”

  1. I like that idea!!!

  2. Defiantly, I am always a friendly person, and theres nothing worse then being ignored.

  3. Honestly, when my husband and I were house hunting 6 years ago we happened upon Wolcott. After researching the school system and such, we decided to put Wolcott on our list of possible relocation towns. While looking at houses we were actually sold on the towns people and hospitality before anything else. I truly believe that all hope is not lost, a simple wave can only enhance someone’s day.

  4. Vanessa, It could be a marketing coup for Wolcott… “The friendliest little town in Connecticut” I like it!!!!!


  5. i agree its so much easyer to be nice. a smile,wave,simple hello makes you both feel good. so why not be nice !

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