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March 9, 2010

Fundraiser for Dan Malloy

Dan Malloy, the former Mayor of Stamford and potential candidate for Governor, is having a fundraiser tonight, March 9, 2010, in Waterbury.  It will be held at the Ponte Club at Villa Rosa from 6 – 8pm.  Tickets are $50 pp and include food, beer, and wine.

 If you haven’t had a chance to meet Dan, yet, this is a great opportunity to do so.  If you can’t attend, learn more about Dan and his campaign at .

March 9, 2010

Wave for Wolcott

Okay, this has gone on for far too long and someone (me) has decided to speak up!  Have you ever been in your car, come to a four way stop, and you give a little thank you wave and get ignored?  Have you ever walked into the Dunkin Donuts or Cumberland Farms and say “hi” or “good morning” to the person coming out & get ignored?  Have you ever been in your yard and a “neighborhood” walker comes by and you say “hello” and get ignored?  Have you ever been walking in your neighborhood in the morning and say “good morning” to the kids waiting for the bus and get ignored?  Well, this is not what our small town was founded on!

 Let’s all start a new trend.  I’m calling this initiative “Wave for Wolcott”!  Let’s all try to be a little friendlier to our neighbors, strangers, visitors, or whoever.  Spread the word, spread the wave.

March 9, 2010

Sports Spot

The Winter Olympics are finally behind us and the USA should be proud!  The proudest moment was when the US Bobsled team and the Night Train earned the Gold for the first time in 62 years!!  What a way to end the building of the Olympic Bobsled in Connecticut.  Congratulations to not only the 4 man team (Steve Holcomb, Justin Olsen, Steve Mesler, and Curt Tomasevicz)  but also to Geoff Bodine, Bob Cuneo, Frank Briglia, Angelo Guerrera, and Tom Centinaro. 

 And congratulations to the Wolcott High School Weightlifting Team for their 4th straight win in the Naugatuck Valley League Weightlifting championship.  The competition took place at Wolcott High School on Saturday, March 6th.  Wolcott’s 150lb. Tucker Chicano was strong enough to squat 425 pounds, an NVL record for his 161-pound weight class.  Way to go “Wolcott Strength”!

 Spring was definitely teasing us this weekend with the unseasonable temperatures.  It was great to see people out enjoying the weather.  Peterson Park was full of families enjoying the weather and a lot of bikers and walkers were out on the road.  Please be safe!