Want to be an Olympian?

You don’t have to travel to Vancouver this week to enjoy the snow and thrill of victory. Two affiliate organizations are bringing winter Olympic sports to the area. You don’t have to be rich or necassarily in shape to try these out. Both are free or low cost and great events for the family.

The Norfolk Curling Club is holding an open house today and tommorow at its curling house in Norfolk. $5 allows you to see and even try this engaging Olympic sport. Don’t worry – they’ll provide the brooms!

Next week, the US Luge Association will be holding its annual Verizon Luge Challenge at Thunder Ridge Ski area in Patterson New York. That’s just over the border about an hour from Wolcott. Anyone ages 10 and up can mingle with USA Luge athletes and coaches when they show you how to use a plastic luge sled on a snowy course. Speeds reach about 25 mph and its a fun day for families. Learn how you can head up to Lake Placid to try out for the Junior Luge team, and have the opportunity to win prizes throughout the day.

(I’ve personally done this twice -parents, it is safe and alot of fun for everyone!)


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