Spring Is Near: Time For Sports

Vanessa Malena

I know it doesn’t look like it after our recent snowstorm, but, spring is in the air in Wolcott! The Baseball Association of Wolcott (BAW) had its sign-ups and practices will begin in March. It’s not too late to sign-up if your child (ages 5 – 18) would like to join. Visit their site at here: Baseball Association of Wolcott

Spring soccer and lacrosse are also open for registration. Please visit their sites at Wolcott Warriors and the new Wolcott Lacrosse League , respectively.

Although the Super Bowl is in the past and the football season is behind us, it isn’t for the Wolcott Football Coaches. On February 13th, the Wolcott High School Football Coaching Staff had a clinic for the Pop Warner Coaches. This was the first of its kind and the feedback was great.

The clinic was to create synergy between the two staffs and help the Pop Warner Coaches “prepare” the kids for their future at the high school. The high school coaches, led by Coach Russo, provided plays, calls, and even had some players do drills for the Pop Warner coaches.

Our football teams have done so well that one can only imagine what’s in store for our teams with this new approach!

If you have any questions regarding any our town’s sports programs, please feel free to visit the town website, http://www.wolcott.org , for contact info. The Whisperer will try to keep everyone up to speed on upcoming events, links to schedules, fundraisers, etc.

After a lack-luster opening ceremony and stalls due to lack of snow, the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are now in full swing. As of February 18th, the US is in the lead with medals.

Wolcott has deep ties to these winter games. The US Bobsled team is using a sled made right here in Wolcott. The Night Train, as this new sled is being called, was made at Chassis Dynamics in Wolcott. Wolcott’s own Frank Briglia, Angelo Guerrera, and Tom Centinaro are the men behind the machine. Unfortunately, this will be the last bob sled made in Wolcott. Future projects will be done in NASCAR’s capitol, Charlotte, NC.

There was a great article in the Waterbury Republican about this project. Try to check it out in hte Waterbury Republican American

And be sure to watch how the US Bob Sled team does, starting Friday night at 8pm on NBC. Check out one of our local establishments, like J&M Restaurant or JD’s Roadhouse, to watch the competition, grab a bite, and support Wolcott!


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