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February 16, 2010

Library Closed, Handicapped Meeting Cancelled

Because of the second of a two-stage snowstorm, the library closed at 4 pm today.

The Handicapped Commission meeting scheduled for tonight has been cancelled.

As of 4:30, the Town Council meeting is still scheduled as usual. It may be viewed on Channel 21 at 7:30.
Hometown Hero award,
Historic Documents Presentation Grant
Authorization for the mayor to sign a new fuel contract.

The Whisper is able to see how viewers reached this site and what search terms you are looking for in the ‘search’ box. Sometimes this gives an article idea. Over the last two weeks someone has been searching for the terms “How much snow will Wolcott get today”. Well, I don’t have my magic 8 ball, but there’s about 5 inches on my porch at the moment and its still falling. That was after I shoveled 3 inches this morning.

My 6th sense, however predicts one more inch. If any more falls, don’t worry, I predict that the wind will pick up to blow it away. (who needs a snowblower?!). Well… its heavy snow, so… uh.. maybe.

Here’s some more scientific predictions:
Intellicast is predicting 1-2 inches with 10-20 mph winds this afternoon.

WTNH is predicting 1-3 inches, breezy tonight 20 mph winds.

Channel 3 has an interesting forecast guessing from 4-12 inches with question marks. Click for details.

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February 16, 2010

Youth Center Bids Accepted

The Town is accepting bids to build the Wolcott Youth Center. The center is planned to be built behind Frisbie School. The plans and bid package can be picked up at Town Hall. The bid deadline is February 18th at 11:00 am.

Construction is expected to begin this spring and be completed before the Lions Fair in August.