Snow Day: What’s Open

School was cancelled today and many businesses shut down, declaring a mid-week holiday after predictions of two feet of snow were announced. As of 3 pm, however only 2 inches of snow appears to have fallen. Most roads have a light coat of snow with Wolcott and Meriden Rds being cleared of snow though wet. Road crews are out and the wind seems to have blown most of the snow away.

It is slippery on many roads, however. If you do venture out, leave plenty of room in front of you and drive slowly and carefully. There’s enough snow to make you slide or skid if you stop too abruptly.

A quick drive up Wolcott Rd. shows the following businesses are open (this is not an all-inclusive list). Feel free to add to the list by leaving a comment! (or organize a little snow-party):

Harold’s Deli
Pat’s IGA
Cumberland Farms
Carlucci’s Pizza
Dunkin Donuts (both)
Laurel Crest Liquors
McBride’s Pizza


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