Dog Missing: Hitchcock Lake

A 3 year old male black lab named “Dakota” is missing from the east side of Hitchcock Lake #1. He has a collar on for an electronic fence collar, and is about 100 pounds. If you have any information or you have seen Dakota please call the Voghels @ 203-879-9347 home or 203-232-8645 cell email

Dakota was found Friday evening. Thankyou!


4 Comments to “Dog Missing: Hitchcock Lake”

  1. I’ll post this on my facebook page…please keep us posted as to the status.

  2. Just received confirmation that Dakota has been found…safe and sound!

  3. Make sure that your dog or cats ALWAYS has a tag fixed to its harness or collar. Not only does is just about guarantee your animals return but it’s also the law.Our woods are full of “lost”cats that we call strays,while dog pounds are jammed full of dogs without ID.It only takes a minute to do, your pets are worth it. I’m Happy Dakota made it home. Dogs and cats are required to wear their rabies tags. Thats all it takes to keep them from not coming home.

  4. Gosh I guess I should post more dog stories on here. Everyone gets involved and there’s more comments than anything else!

    By the way, did anyone see the dog rescued from the LA River the other day on Fox News? And the firefighter that rescued it from a helicopter?

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