Councilman Petroniro Returns Stipend

First term Councilman Randy Petroniro announced he would be declining his $2,000 a year stipend at a Council meeting last month. “This is a bad economy and I know people that are hurting out there,” said Petroniro. Petroniro ran as an independent minded petitioning candidate in November’s election and manages three local businesses on Wolcott Rd. Those businesses include Musco Fuel, Musco Propane and a lawn service. “Working in this business, I’ve seen how people are affected by this economy” he said.

At the December Town Council meeting Petroniro presented a letter directing his stipend be diverted to the Wolcott Senior Center and the Wolcott Youth Center. “Rather than seek to cut funding from our senior citizens, my yearly monetary pledge will hopefully assist them in organizing, planning and funding additional activities. I will allso go on record tonight as opposing any uture attempt to cut their funding as long as I am their voice on the Town Council,” he wrote The Youth Center has been bonded by the town and construction is hoped to begin this spring.

Municipal Finance Officer Linda Bruce noted that she wasn’t aware of any Council member making similar gestures in the past. She has already made arrangements directing Petroniro’s contributions to the Senior Center and Youth Center. Stipends are paid in quarterly installments to select elected officials dilineated in the annual town budget which is approved by the Town Council.

Petroniro wrote further :

‘Among our many wonderful citizens are the elderly, the disadvantaged, the veterans, and the youth, to name a few. They need our assistance more than ever. I have seen first- hand how today’s economy afects all families in vastly different ways. I won’t sit here and profess to know the cure for all of today’s problems. But I will tell you this – a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And what could be more symbolic in this, the season of giving, than providing a helping hand to some of our most deserving citizens?’

Petroniro challenged other council members to join him in returning back to the town in similar fashion. “Let’s all show Wolcott’s people that in our eyes they come first.”

No other Council members commented at the meeting or have yet offered to return any portion of their stipends.


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