Local Political Parties To Re-form Thursday

The phrase “all politics is local” will ring true Thursday evening as Wolcott’s Republican and Democratic parties choose their local Town Committees. Those Committees have considerable influence in town government, and later will have the power to choose candidates for local and state offices. This means something when so many candidates are running for Governor, US Senate, and Congress. Soon both parties will likely battle for an open Attorney General seat as well. And this doesn’t even touch State House and Senate seats which also will likely be contested by candidates living in Wolcott. In fact, between these 6 races, there are potentially 28 candidates to choose from (so far).

“We search for qualified candidates” says Tony Marino who serves as the chairman of the Republican vacancy committee. “We don’t just pick names out of a hat. Since November we’ve been looking for candidates to fill positions (on the town committee).” Candidates for elected office as well as appointments to local boards and commissions usually are first screened by the town committee which then sends a recommendation to the mayor or Town Council to sit on local boards and commissions. In the case of elected office, the candidate is officially endorsed to be on a ballot.

Democratic Chairman Dave Gentile agreed, adding that his town committee’s greater mission “is to promote all Democratic candidates for public office, whether it be local, state, or national and do all that we can to help get them elected.” Local parties usually receive campaigning supplies and are most heavily involved with getting out the vote for close races.

Any town resident is welcome to attend either party’s caucuses taking place tommorrow night, so long as that resident is a registered member of that party. Each party also holds meetings on a monthly basis where discussion about local and state issues are held. Potential state and federal candidates also visit, giving party members the opportunity meet those future leaders to ask questions. “Its a good forum where we’d get a report, say from the Park & Recreation Commission or another commission and you can ask questions” said Marino during taxpayer’s time at a Town Council meeting where he explained the committee’s role and invited Republicans to attend the caucus.

Democrats will hold their caucus at 7:30 in the Tyrrell School Auditorium. Any registered Democrat is welcome to attend. Anyone who wishes to join the Wolcott Democratic Town Committee should send a letter or e-mail to Dave Gentile at : dgentile@allpointecare.com or 101 Midwood Dr.

Republicans will meet at Town Hall at 7:00 and any registered Republican is also welcome to attend. Anyone who wishes to join the Wolcott Republican Town Committee should contact Tony Marino at 879-5804.


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