Ice Covers Roads

Be careful on the way to work this morning.

First you will be confronted with cold. Then strong winds. Then perilous roads. Is this the setup for a horror movie? Nope. Its just Tuesday, December 29th. So be careful out there.

Windchills today are expected to be around 0 degrees, so don’t forget a windbreaker, gortex, and the cheap $1.69 but warm hats sold at Cumberland Farms.

Next, the following roads had some significant ice this morning:

Wolcott Rd near Munson and Tosun Rds., Forrestview Dr., Lyman Rd., Chestnut Hill Rd.. Certainly there is likely to be other areas with choppy and ice runoff, including lower County Rd.

Take your time and go slow in any of these areas or others known for water runoff.

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