Personal Adventure: How To Change a Refrigerator Lightbulb

Ever tap a lightbulb just enough so it becomes loose? And then you screw it back in, but the glass portion of the bulb disassociates from the metal socket portion? Oh great. Now you’ve done it. Welcome to todays unnecessary adventure. Fear not because I’ve been there. Below are directions you’ll probably never find in a “how to” book.

1. Pull fridge away from wall to see where it plugs in. Observe the wire running between the fridge and the stove to see which appliance it belongs to.

2. The wire belongs to the fridge and runs behind the stove, so now pull the stove away from wall because that’s where the wall socket is.

3. Get on top of stove to reach behind it and pull out plug. (my stove is between a wall and a counter… I can’t go around it any other way)

4. Next, find something shiny so you can see the reflection of the lightbulb socket. I need to do this because the bulb is suspended from the ceiling and faces INTO the fridge. I can’t see into the socket from the door. A compact mirror would be the perfect tool for this job. But, because I’m single and a man who can do this kind of thing myself, let’s be resourceful. So, what else looks like a mirror around here without breaking the side view off your pickup?

The shiny side of a CD might seem to be a good idea, but unfortunately they are too dull. A shiny stainless steel ladle works well. Its curved scoop shape and long handle will be helpful so you can use one hand to hold it and your flashlight at the same time. It is actually perfect for the job. (who needs a compact mirror!)

5. Shine flashlight into socket, observe through the reflection in the ladle. If it feels like you’re performing dental surgery inside the mouth of a lion, you’re on the right track. If it feels like your fridge is about to eat you, don’t lean against it so much. Or maybe you haven’t stocked it appropriately.

6. Stick finger into light socket, turn to no avail. (WARNING: In previous lessons, you’ll remember that we already unplugged the fridge -if for some reason you just joined the class, please carefully review steps 1-3!!!) Take rolled up paper towel to do the same. Your goal here is to catch the interior portion of metal lightbulb bracket, but because both of these methods don’t seem work, don’t be frustrated. Grab a piece of food in the fridge that looks good (especially if it was cheesecake pressing against your shoulder…) and get back to work.

7. Take broken light bulb and place it back into the socket. Even though the glue made it broken, perhaps somehow it might catch metal part of lightbulb. Pray that the bulb part doesn’t shatter in your hand and over your face. Again, be careful and look into the reflection in the ladle. If you fail here, buy a new fridge. You’ll never find your food in the dark anyway.

8. If you hold the bulb firmly but don’t shatter the bulb, you will be suprisingly successful in pulling out the metal socket portion of your broken lightbulb. But wait, we’re not done yet.

9. INSERT NEW LIGHTBULB!!! (this step is quite important!) 40 watt, 120 volts

10. Get back on stove and plug in fridge.

11. Move stove and fridge back in place. Congratulations, now you can move on to “now where did the pickles go?”

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