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December 7, 2009

Veterans Deserve Better Treatment by Litchfield

The Waterbury Republican- American recently had a front page article about the Litchfield Board of Warden and Burgess’s decision to protect the asthetics of their town green by removing 5 large ribbons placed on trees to show support for our troops.

Christopher Philbrook responds:

The powers that be in Litchfield can claim they are patriotic while disrespecting the soldiers and soldiers’ parents but that claim is simply a thin veil of BS that most, if not all, citizens can see through. Politicians and people on town/city boards and committees seem to forget that they are in place simply to represent the citizens of said town or city. Those bureaucrats seem to forget that the green belongs to the citizens of Litchfield and those citizens have far more right to decorate it or express their opinions than some-self serving or special-interest-serving bureaucrat. The excuse Borough Warden Lee Losee cites for his unpatriotic stand is weak. It would certainly appear that his concern is more for the town’s green than for the soldiers who sacrifice their lives to preserve that town’s and that man’s freedoms.

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