Whispers: Jarjura for Governor?

Governor Jarjura?

One month after winning re-election as mayor of Waterbury, a draft campaign of Democrats in the City are attempting to persuade Jarjura to run for Governor. Frank Davino, in his cable access program The Real Story, notes Jarjura’s work as a Mayor and State Legislator as well as the respect he carries statewide as credentials for a possible run. An exploratory committee has not yet been set up.

Davino further notes that Jarjura could likely get the support of Congressman Chris Murphy and you can “forget about” anyone else “including Sam Caligiuri” doing as well as Mayor Jarjura should he decide to run. Only former Speaker of the House James Amann has declared a candidacy for Governor, with a handful of other politicians with exploratory committees.

Sam Caligiuri is another rising star amongst the ranks of state Republicans. A draft campaign was set up to persuade him to run for Governor when he announced the possibilty of dropping out of the US Senate race to challenge Chris Dodd three weeks ago. Caligiuri ultimately decided to set his sights on the 5th Congressional District instead, which Chris Murphy currently holds.

We have yet to attempt to contact Mr. Jarjura, but speculation from this angle will be that the rumor mill may let the heat from the draft to elevate his possible candidacy potential.


One Comment to “Whispers: Jarjura for Governor?”

  1. Maybe John Rowland can be his running mate. Just think of the endless possibilitys to further line each others pockets.

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