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November 18, 2009

My Message to the Town Council

During Taxpayers’ time, I gave the following message to the Town Council. The following isn’t what I said verbatim but what I intended to say:

Good Evening.
Myself and Mr. Santagotta went through a re-canvas last Monday evening after a close vote in the Third Voting District. Of course I would have been happier if the results were different, but I think because the outcome was the same, it proves that our voting system is reliable and works very well. It may be cliche’ that “every vote counts”, but it should be emphasized how often close elections actually occur. The Secretary of State’s office didn’t have exact figures when I called them, but at least 30 towns had recounts this year. Here in Wolcott, three different races were decided by less than 30 votes and this was the second municipal election in a row where we had a recount.

According to anecdotal reports around the state, it seems that recounts only overturn an election when human error is involved. I think that speaks to the kind of people we have as moderators and registrars of voters in overseeing the elections. From what I saw as an observer during our recount, it seems that everything was handled very professionally. Of course, having the opportunity to witness

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