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November 16, 2009

Town Council Agenda: 11/17

The new Town Council will meet tommorow night. Below is a general ist of topics to be discussed:

1. Approval of a grant for energy conservation upgrades.
2. STEAP grant for renovation and addition to Fire Company #2
3. Request by Town Clerk to appoint sub-registrars
– This deals with the ability for funeral homes to obtain permits over the weekend and other days when Town Hall is not open
4. Discussion on use of funds for purchasing computer equipment at the police department.
5. Discussion and possible action regarding the Board of Education’s contract with School Administrators

This is the first meeting for the new Council. Some of the items above were already discussed by the previous Council. For example, the Council previously approved the acceptance of federal money to be given to the police department to buy computers for the detective bureau which currently writes all of its reports by hand. But the Conucil now must hire someone to do this work.

There is time for residents to speak their mind about items on the agenda at the beginning of the meeting. Any resident may discuss any topic at the end of the meeting as well.