Education Board Selects Leaders

On Tuesday night the newly elected Wolcott Board of Education met for the first time. The new board, elected on November 3rd, consists of five Republican members and four Democrats. The composition of the new board represents a shift from the previous two years in which the Democratic Party controlled the board under former Chairperson Jim Pape’s leadership.

During the organizational portion of the meeting, members elected Pat Najarian as the Chairperson, Mary Kelly as the Vice-Chair, and Gloria Gubitosi as the Secretary. Each of the nine board members will serve two years terms. At the conclusion of the election of officers, the meeting was recessed for 20 minutes so the new board members could share time with their families and the public that was in attendance.

A regular Board meeting followed with regular business being discussed. Interim Superintendent Joseph Macary presented the Strategic School Profile to the board. The presentation and minutes from the meeting can be found on the school district’s website

The nine board mebers are Helen Audibert, Artie George, Gloria Gubitosi, Tony Gugliotti, Mary Kelly, Kim Lumia, Cynthia Mancini, Patricia Najarian, Jim Pape. They can be contacted through the Education website.

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