Town Council Org. Meeting – 11/4/09

In accordance to the Town Charter, the Council must have an organizational meeting on the Wednesday after election day. Even though the 3rd District is undergoing a recount for Town Council on Monday where Chris O’Brien appears to have lost his seat to Michael Santogatta by 22 votes, the Town Attorney has given an opinion that the Council must meet according to the Charter even though the results have not been made official by the Town Clerk.

A recount of the entire 3rd District race will be done on Monday at 4 pm in Town Hall.

Should the recount change the outcome of the race, a new organizational meeting shall be held. This is the same ruling which prevailed when Michael Bokon won his race in 2007 against Brett Mucino by only 5 votes.

This meeting is currently being viewed on Ch. 96 until 8 pm Saturday.

At 7:00 pm on Wednesday, hte Town Council took their seats in front of a Council Chambers full of supporters and attendees.

All stood to be sworn in to uphold the “US Constitution, the State Statutes of the State of Connecticut and the Town Charter”.

Mayor Dunn presided over the nominations of a Chairman. The nominations were as followed:

Dave Valletta nominated Michael Bokon
Francis Masi nominated Michael Santogatta
Randy Petroniro nominated Gale Mastrofrancesco

Votes were taken as followed:
Bokon recieved 2 votes in favor and 7 against. David Valletta voted in favor.
Santogatta recieved 5 votes in avor, 4 against. Masi, Perrone, Marsella, Olmstead voted in favor.
Because Santogatta won the seat, Dunn decided not to hold a vote for Mastrofrancesco, noting the majority vote for Santogatta was a majority vote and anything further would be unnecessary.

Francis Masi nominated Steven Olmstead
Valletta nominated Bokon

Olmstead won the first and only vote 5-4

The Council then adopted Roberts Rules of Order.
Discussino took place on setting the time and date of the Town Council meetings. Valletta suggested meetin the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7:30. Mr. Masi suggested 7:00 pm, because “we’ll get out earlier”. He then yielded to Mr. Valletta and said “I’ll go along with Mr. Valetta”.
Mr. Masi and Mr. Bokon suggested that 5 Council members would be required to call a special meeting. Adopted unanmously.

Chairman Santogatta then addressed the Council: “I just want to welcome everyone. Its a geat with alot of new people. The political labels are gone. Like the mayor mentioned, times are tough and there’s alot of work to do. We have the opportunity to do the work of the people and we’re all looking forward to it.”

The meeting then adjourned.


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