Wolcott Shows Independence; Close Results

Commentary by a confused candidate:

This much is for sure. Tom Dunn was decisively elected mayor in a huge landslide.

Lorraine McQueen was re-elected Tax Collector by just over 100 votes in a very heated race.

Wolcott makes history by potentially throwing the Town Council into the control of canddiates who ran on the Row C line. Three petitioning candidates- Petroniro, Mastrofrancesco, and Olmstead won. Three democrats – Masella, Masi and Perrone won. Only one Republican was decisively declared the winner. While running together as citizens from both parties, we’ll need to give them a better name than the Row C!

THe Board of Edcuation has 5 Republicans and 4 Democrats.

Candidates roamed between four headquarters in town checking in double checking the tallies of two close races. In particular, it appears that Steven Olmstead led a surprise overwhelming victory in the 3rd Town Council Distict.

As of 11:30 tonight, only 8 Town Council candidates have been declared winners in a tight race where it appears Mike Santagotta bumped out Chris O’Brien by 21 votes. But as candidates roamed the four headquarters and recieved tallies from Town Hall. Republicans initially believed O’Brien won, but Row C candidates and Dunn headquarters had O’Brien down. Some confusion exists from the Town Hall moderators wheer the votes are. What is clear is that there will be a recount.

The Town Council is scheduled to meet Wednesday everning at 7 pm to select a Chairman. Expect a long meeting and some interesting fireworks.

Congatulations to all the winners, as well as those who put their names out in what was certainly a race filled with very committed people throughout town. I do hope that everyone will remain involved – especially those who were recently serving on commissions with difficulty.


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