Newspaper Corrections

Three clarifications should be noted in relation to things reported in local newspapers regarding this year’s election:

1. An article on Friday in the Waterbury Republican-American discussed a proposal to cut funding for the Senior Bus Service. The article may have given the impression that new candidate Charles Marsella could be partly to blame for that proposal. Yet, the fact should be made very clear that Mr. Marsella is not a current member of the Town Council, and was not one when the proposal was made at the June 2nd Council meeting. As a new Democratic candidate running for Council, it appears he became inadverdantly caught in the cross-fire over the issue.

The proposal on June 2nd during a budget vote was introduced by Councilmen Gentile and Santagotta. It failed 5-4 along party lines with Mr. Masi and Mr. Perrone also voting for it.

2. Secondly, a letter framed in what appears to be an advertisement is printed in the October edition of the Wolcott Community News on pages 7 and 31. It is signed by Tom Brundage, who is related to Tax Collector Lorraine McQueen through her daughter, Cherryl Brundage. It is unclear whether or not Mr. Brundage paid for the two ads. It is also unclear if the two letters – which are distinctly different but with the same focus to endorse Ms. McQueen – were meant to be published as letters or advertisements. There is no “paid by” attribution on either one.

So we wonder. Is the Wolcott Community News, published by the Moore family, endorsing Ms. McQueen? Or could it simply be a twice- made editing oversight? Here in Whisperland, we’ll accept any letters and publish them with attribution. In fact, we recieved a comment from Ms. McQueen shortly after publishing a story slightly favoring her opponent, Ms. Malena. Because we felt McQueen provided interesting insight into her job that is not commonly known, with her permission we pulled her comment off the comment page and onto the main website so that more readers could see it. While we would love to accept money in exchange for a prime spot advertisement, well written opinion from any source will dominate these pages for now. Besides.. even if we wanted to accept advertising, we simply wouldn’t know how to place it on the website. I’m lucky to know how to type. So we’re all better off.

3. Finally, we feel the need to take a third local publication to task – our own. The Wolcott Whisper recently published a story about the Board of Education approving a contract with the school administrators union. In it, the Whisper noted that administrators could make raises as high as $18,000 – $23,000 depending upon their job position. We were wrong. These figures assumed that each administrator would recieve step increases each year of the three year contact in addition to 0%, 3.5% and 3.5% increases through the contract.

We have learned that the actual facts are that the currently employed school administrators are already at the highest step levels available and cannot earn the large step raises. Instead, they will be subject to the 0%, 3.5%, 3.5% provisions. Even with these raises, administrators will earn an additional $7343 – $8855 in raises. The story has been revised and we regret the errors.

One Comment to “Newspaper Corrections”

  1. Yes O’Brien I paid for my own opion ads in the Wolcott Community for october,,The next time you have a issue with me pickup the phone and stop the B.S comments.I doubt you will post this one.

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