Candidate: Chris O’Brien

Chris O’Brien is running for the Town Council in the 3rd District this year. He is running for his second term. He is also the publisher of this blog.

O’Brien is running for the Council because he feels that local government affects our lives more closely than any other that we hear about in the news. For instance, if you dial 911, you will have local responders come to your aide. The Town of Wolcott sands and plows your roads in the winter. Your children go to local schools which are funded mostly by your tax dollars. And the people who make decisions on these issues are usually living just up the road from you. Keeping you more informed as to what the Town of Wolcott is doing with your money and input is why he ran for office two years ago and why he started this blog. And whatever your point of view, feel free to post your views here.

Chris is a single 30 year old paramedic who usually works night shifts at Campion Ambulance in Waterbury. He has also volunteered at Wolcott Volunteer Ambulance for the past 13 years. On his days off, he actively thirsts for information about how things are run and how we can make things better in town and life in general.

In the past two years, he has learned quite a bit about the Wolcott Town Budget and openly shares that information with anyone who has questions. He meets regularly with Mayor Dunn in working on various issues in town. For the past two years he has worked to make sure services are efficient and cuts to the budgets can be made wherever possible without impacting services. He supported the Mayor in making $1,100,000 in spending reductions this past year and voted to freeze taxes. O’Brien became a deciding vote on this past year’s budget, refusing to vote for it twice until line items he thought were wasteful were eliminated.

At the same time, O’Brien has developed a rapport with many town employees and department leaders. In a year of recession, he has worked with the Mayor and reached out to town unions to attempt to reach fair agreements so that taxpayers can afford to live here. Communication is his highest priority.

Last month, O’Brien was successful in getting a Tax Abatement Ordinance passed to invite new businesses and jobs in town. He wants to ensure that the ordinance works and will change it if necessary. He also proposes to form a Charter Revision Committee that could make changes to the town constitution to improve how the town works. Please call O’Brien at (203) 558-5817 if you have any suggestions – or criticism – for him.

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