Who’s Running?

Below is the list of candidates for each office. You can vote for more than one candidate when the office is a Board with more than one member. After the candidates is a brief description of the job of that office. (these are not official or legal descriptions) Hopefully this will answer some of the common questions you might have.

Republicans (R) will appear on Row A
Democrats (D) will appear on Row B
Petitioning Candidates (PC) will appear on Row C
(i) = incumbant

D – George Babcock
PC – Tom Dunn (i)

The Mayor is the full-time chief executive offical for Wolcott. He is charged with the day-to-day management of all governmental functions. These include oversight of the police department, highway department, senior activities, and other governmental services (except the Education Dept.). He proposes the annual budget to the Town Council. He appoints residents to various commissions, communicates frequently with state legislators and area leaders.

Town Clerk
R – Delores “Debbie” Slater (i)

The Town Clerk is a full-time job tasked with keeping and maintaining records, assisting with title searches and research, processing various licences including marriage, dog, hunting and fishing.

Tax Collector
D – Lorraine McQueen (i)
PC – Vanessa Malena

The Tax Collector is charged with collecting the taxes at the rate approved by the Town Council. The Council may set a tax collection rate (essentially a goal set when approving the town budget), and the Collector may have legal recourse to collect delinquent or back taxes owed for previous years.

D – Roger Levesque (i)

The Treasurer is charged with writing checks and managing the funds of the Town. He manages pension accounts, investments, and bonds.

Town Council District 1 – Vote for any 2
R – David Valletta (i)
R – Jeffrey Lumia
D – Dave Gentile (i)
D – Charles Marsella
PC – Michael Bokon (i)
PC – Roy Balkus

Town Council District 2 Vote for any 2
R – Rachel Wisler
R – Harry Fitzgerald
D – Michael Perrone (i)
D – Francis Masi (i)
PC – Joseph Scaglione
PC – Randy Petroniro

Town Council District 3 vote for any 2
R – Carl Dambrauskas
R – Christopher O’Brien (i)
D – Michael Santagotta (i)
D – Arthur Lerz
PC – Steven Olmstead
PC – Gale Mastrofrancesco

The Town Council is the Finance Board for the Town. It approves a Town Budget and sets the mill rate. It controls finances throughout the year. The Council may also pass local ordinances, investigate any department in town, and may review the Town Charter. The Council generally holds two meetings per month and members are compensated $2000 / yr.
The Town Charter states that electors may vote for any 2 candidates from each district, regardless which district the elector lives. The top 3 candidates from each District will serve on the Council.

Board of Education Vote for any 6
R – Mary Kelly (i)
R – Cynthia Mancini
R – Patricia Najarian (i)
R -Gregory Dandio
R – Kimberly Lumia
R – Gloria Gubitosi (i)
D – Arthur George (i)
D – Helen Audibert (i)
D – James Pape (i)
D – Teresa Pineau
D – Anthony Gugliotti (i)
D – Mark Baldwin
PC – Monica Morgan
PC -Tammy Bastenbeck

The Board of Education oversees the Wolcott Public School system. Regular meetings are held twice per month, however numerous other meetings are typically held for committees and disciplinary hearings (expulsions, etc). The Board sets and administers the Education budget (approval of the total dollar amount is by the Council), negotiates and approves contracts with educational units. The Board approves curriculum, field trips and various personel. State Statutes state that members cannot be paid.

While you can vote for any 6, the top 9 will serve on the Board.

Board of Assessment Appeals vote for any 2
R – Adam Glasser
R – Roberta Leonard
D – Roy Howe
D – Donald Charrette
PC – Gerard Greco

The Board of Assessment Appeals hears appeals from residents who dispute the assessment of real and personal property. You can vote for 2 candidates for this 3 member board.

Zoning Board of Appeals Vote for any 3
R – Steven Grant (i)
R – Fances “Mae” Flynn (i)
R – Kenneth Barnes (i)
D – John Jack Kirschbaum
D – Brett Mucino (i)
D – Paul Mazurek (i)
PC – Joseph Membrino Jr.
PC – Steven Duva

The Zoning Code is a list of regulations that govern development and construction of structures in town. The Planning and Zoning Board is appointed by the Mayor with Council appoval and assures that construction proposals adhere to the zoning code. The ZBA hears appeals for zoning variances and issues that are denied by the Zoning Board. You can vote for 3 candidates to this 5 member board.

Constable vote for any 3
R – Louis Dubois
R – James Natale
R – Paul Gallucci
D – Robert Castriciano
D – Theodore Storlazzi
D – George Leggio
D – Ted Storlazzi
PC – Roland Dupre
PC – Chris Champagne
PC – Vito Santarsiero

Constables are governed by this brief set of State Statutes. In Wolcott, they may perform various legal duties, but typically do not. The Town Charter does not grant Constables in Wolcott any special duties to perform.


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  1. Chris – – nice list of all the candidates in one place. Thanks much.

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