Italian Mayor Promotes Family

An active volunteer and golfer was sworn in as Wolcott’s Italian Mayor for a day. Anthony Lombardi hoisted the Italian tri colors above the Green last Friday which flew for a week in honor of Columbus Day. While humbled at being selected as honorary mayor, Lombardi imparted advice all residents can live by. “At least once this month – all families should sit down and eat dinner as a family.” Certainly, Lombardi’s family took those words to heart in supporting him in building strong ties that spread beyond individuals and into the community. “Take some time to relax. Perhaps with some good Italian music, like Sinatra,or (Andrea) Bocelli” Lombardi suggested. The traditions of the italian culture and other heritages promote family and give peace and grounding to many. In fact, many studies have proven that family gatherings actually impove one’s health.

Lombardi, who has served on the Baseball Association of Wolcott’s Board of Directors, has coached basketball and a founding member of the Wolcott Circle of Sports and is now Vice President of the Order of the Arrow organization recieved a proclamation from Mayor Dunn. He then gave a short quiz to those gathered about the Italian flag. He noted the symbolism behind the tri-color flag: The green for the beauty of the Italian countryside, the white for the snow capped alps, and then the red for the blood spilt in the Italian country for many years.

His family noted his accomplishments and good humor towards them through the years. James Pape noted how he met Lombardi while both made their wives laugh during a pre-natal class many years ago. They’ve been friends ever since. Yet, two year old Giuliana stole everyone’s affection when she proudly called “I love you papa!” to her grandfather.


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