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October 16, 2009

Weekend Events

Setback Tournament -St. Pius X Church hall. 7 pm

Arts and Crafts Fair 10a-4p Alcott School. Sponsored by the Farmingbury Women’s Club

Wolcott Lacrosse FREE pre-season training 10a- 4p Alcott School, 3p -5p

Touch a Truck has been postponed to next week!
Touch – A – Truck
– BAW fields from noon- 4 pm. Bring your youngster to see Fire Trucks, Garbage trucks, Dump Trucks, Tractor Trailers, LifeStar Helicopter, Construction vehicles, Ambulances and many more!!

October 16, 2009

Political Season Begins

Over the past month and a half, you have seen over 400 political signs places on roadways, lawns, business spaces, and other areas of town. All of these signs have the intention to catch your eye so that you would recognize the person who’s name is on the sign. This is a campaign strategy so that when you might see that person’s name in print or hear their name, your mind unconciously will tell you “yes, I’ve heard that name before”. And if the sign was placed in a flower patch, hopefully those flowers will also connote positive feelings about that person. “Oh yes, that Board of Assessment candidate is a gardener- what beautifully organized garden – they would do a great job!”

In the last two days most residents have recieved copies of this month’s Wolcott Community News. Unless a campaign has money for and decides to send you a mailer, you probably won’t read much about the campaign issues between now and election day. Accusations levied between Democrats, Independents, and Republicans in the newspaper might lead to confusion and dirty politicing. The truth and honesty of sorting out whether something is true or not may be difficult to decipher and may turn you off from making informed decisions.

Some accusations may be true, some inflated, others may be purely false, and others may have legitimate reasons. In the next few weeks I will attempt to address some these. I will attempt to simply present the facts if they are on public record. In this space in upcoming weeks I will attempt to navigate that line and if you see any bias, I invite your feedback. In fact, for full disclosure I am a candidate myself and may present my view which I will attempt to separate from straight reporting so you can make up your own mind. So please, give feedback.

If there are any issues that you would like me to address, send me an e-mail. At the same time, if you would like to express YOUR opinion in the form of a letter to the editor, send it my way and I’ll publish it.

Some of the issues I’ll be exploring are tax collection, the budgets of 2008-09 and 08-09 and Charter revision. I will review the proposals listed in the Community News and would love to hear any new suggestions not yet publically proposed.

Your ideas, views, and vote will impact how Wolcott and its educational system and government is run for the next two years. And don’t forget, your local leaders often later become your state and national leaders. So let’s be informed!

Contact me:; (203) 558-5817.