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October 5, 2009

Town Council Agenda- Oct 6th

A Public Hearing on the Business Incentive Tax Abatement Ordinance will be held at 6:45 pm. The Town Council meeting will follow at 7:30.

Below is the Town Council Agenda for this Tuesday’s Town Council Agenda:

I. Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance, Attendance

II. Approval of Minutes

 Regular Meeting – September 15, 2009

III. Taxpayers’ Time (Limited to Items on the Agenda)

IV. Correspondence

V. Mayor’s Report

VI. Finance Officer’s Report/Transfers

VII. Sub-Committee/Liaison Reports

VIII. Unfinished Business

• Discussion & Possible Action On Energy Conservation Contract
– At the last September meeting, a presentation was made by NXEGEN representative Jack Kirschbaum. The presentation included estimates of cost savings which could be achieved by replacing some of the electrical fixtures and other energy saving methods over time. Funding and discounts from CL&P and the federal government will allow the town to spend about $96 / month for 36 months for the upgrade in equipment. It is expected that the costs saved will last much longer than the three year term of payments and we will have additional cost savings in the actual energy used to run these fixtures.

IX. New Business

Report from Joseph Macary-Acting Superintendent of Schools

Discussion & Possible Adoption of Proposed Ordinance #93 ‘Business Tax Incentive Ordinance’
Click the link above to the text of the proposed ordinance which will be presented at the public hearing. Please note that this is an amended version which Council members of the Tax Abatement Committee plan to raise as a substitute for the original which was discussed by the Council on September 15th.
The substantive changes between the two versions are the addition of Sections 1 and 11. Also, a sentence existed in the original version at the end of Section 5 which would have made it possible to grant variances from the requirements. The tax abatement committee decided to remove that sentence so there would be no dispute what the requirements are. All other changes were primarily re-numbering the section headings and making some language gender -neutral.

X. Appointments

XI. Items for Next Agenda

XII. Taxpayers’ Time

XIII. Executive Session

XIV. Adjournment