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September 29, 2009

Petitioning Candidates Call For Change

About 300 supporters of the 16 petitioning candidates rallied at Musco Fuel last Saturday to ask voters to end the two-party system in town. Prominent politicians including Waterbury State Representative Jeffrey Berger, and Democratic gubernatorial candidate and Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy attended the rally. While 2nd District Town Council candidate Randy Petroniro hosted the rally, many of the petitioining candidates participated.

Petroniro noted “We have a good mayor in Tom Dunn, but we have gridlock right now (in the Town Council). We need good people to help him out”. Petroniro owns three businesses in town and his straight forward personality has translated into signs blanketing town so far.

Mayor Dunn is up for re-election, and while he has not endorsed any other candidate for this year’s election, he remarked how the involvement of so many candidates is a good sign of participation in Wolcott. “I’ll work with who the people elect” he has said in the past. At the rally he told the de facto third party “It doesn’t have to be Tom Dunn’s way, but people who have ideas,” are the ones that matter in town.

Dunn called out Democratic Mayoral candidate George Babcock’s platform of reforming the Charter. Dunn noted that Republicans on the Council proposed revising the Charter, but needed 6 votes. “Not a single Democrat voted for it.” Other observers have suggested that the Democrats only want to open the Charter only if they can control the commission.

Vanessa Malena is mounting a strong challenge to Democratic Tax Collector Lorraine McQueen. A sign on the podium read “$1.4 million uncollected”, referencing the current taxes which have been uncollected. “I pay my taxes. You pay your taxes. Why are some people not paying theirs?” questioned Malena to applause. Maleena and advisor Robert Ficeto went on to say that if these taxes were collected, an estimated $300 could be returned to every household in Wolcott. “Other towns have higher unemployment rates, yet still have higher collection rates,” stated Malena.

Tammy Bastenback, a contender for Board of Education took the stage with her two daughters beaming their support from the audience. Bastenback asserted that things in Wolcott’s government need to change. She expressed her surprise to the audience “That not a single member of the Board of Education is a parent!”

Other candidates introduced themselves to attendees who enjoyed a bar b cue of hot dogs and hamburgers on a bright sunny day. A van shuttled supporters to various parking lots up and down Wolcott Rd. Not all candidates are registered as unnafiliated, but some are registered with the major parties.

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September 29, 2009

ARF Fundraiser Successful

About one hundred marchers and local volunteers marched in the Pet Parade this past Sunday morning. This includes a horse, ambulance and firefighters. “The Animal Rescue Foundation raised about $5,000,” stated Municipal Animal Control officer, Joe Ouimet. The morning met marchers with rain which postponed the other activities which were to include a pizza tasting contest and pet expo. Those activities have been postponed to October 10th and will take place at the VFW. At just after 10 am, a motorcycle rally starting at the Olde School Social Club on Tosun Rd. will commence and lead to the VFW. A pot luck lunch with the pizza contest will follow.